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At Dubai Pool Care, quality is our number one priority. Why? Because we know what it is like to have invested much of your earnings for an idea worth chasing. Having a well-maintained swimming pool goes a long way from living in a stress-free paradise to creating tons of wonderful memories with the people you love.

Our team is composed of multiple pool enthusiasts who enjoys seeing a happy pool owner make the best of his property. We started in 2005 with the goal of simply doing our best to provide a healthy swimming pool environment. It soon expanded to multiple other services such as contracting for commercial properties as our pool company began to set the mark on the Dubai map.

As our mission is to ensure a safe swimming environment, we look forward with a firm vision to break down the process of swimming in a clean environment and ease the access of maintaining a proper swimming pool.

​You will notice as you speak to our crew how different we are from a regular pool company in Dubai, and that is due to our predisposed inclination towards people looking for a job-well-done. We simply strip away all the hassle our clients may face by empathising with them and understanding their needs. It’s easy for us because we know two things:

– We practice self-less concern towards our clients
– We know pools.



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