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Alternate Gift ideas for your Business Clients

Alternate Gift ideas for your Business Clients

Thoughtful, custom gifts are a great means to recognise the partnership of your clients and employees and boost their morale. Here are our top picks that would keep you at the top of your client’s minds (well, in a positive way).

Have you still not made up your mind on gifting your corporate clients?

This is the season to show your appreciation to your clients and what better way than to totally blow them away with a surprise gift? 

For today’s globe-trotting business person, Cross cultural awareness, an understanding of foreign etiquette and gift-giving practices would be interesting. In many countries such as in North America or the UK, gift giving is rare in the business world. Countries like Malaysia and Paraguay, concerned with corruption, frown upon any gift that could be construed as a bribe.

In Malaysia you wouldn’t give a gift until you had established a relationship with the person. However, in some countries like Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, exchanging gifts is strongly rooted in tradition. Part of the tradition is the gracious style used to present and receive them.

It’s very important in Asia and the Middle East to only use your right hand, or both hands, to offer or accept a gift. In Singapore a recipient may “graciously refuse three times” before accepting your gift. But in Chile, gifts are accepted and opened immediately. And in Indonesia, small gifts are given on a frequent basis.

Given all that, here is a list of few last minute gift ideas for your corporate clients.

Personalized Gift box with a printed frame: This gift is ideal if you want to create personalized gift boxes for your very dear family, friends, or customers. The gift box branded with client logo and personal quote doubles as a Photo frame too. You could make it even more special by using Soft lamination, Die-cutting, UV Coating etc. Print houses like Express Printing Services, Mermaid Digital Printing, Shikkmo International Advertising etc. give customized solutions that serve your business needs.

 Gift an experience: Bring a not-so-forced smile on your customer’s faces with these alternate gift ideas

The best part is, here in the UAE, you are spoilt for choices – you could book a cool Dubai Opera Show, or gift a fast-track drive at Abu Dhabi’s famous F1 track, offer a ride at the world’s longest zip line at RAK to that daredevil client, or take them on a helicopter drive and allow a spectacular aerial view of the city, Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah, gift tickets to IMG world/ Ferrari world, book a dinner with a view at one of Burj Khalifa’s exquisite restaurants  and wow them – well, the list is endless!

Monogrammed Gifts:  Monogrammed gifts are all-time favorites; Monogram makes anything a million times special and personal. Gifting your clients’ wallets, notepads, passport cases or coffee mugs monogrammed with their initials is a sophisticated, elegant and excellent gift choice.

For that busy businesswoman and the stylish stud: Make your #Superwomen clients awe-stuck by gifting them unique, personalized accessories they would love! Who would say no to a classy scarf or customized jewelry for a gift? Companies like Rocksbox lets you create a wish list of your style and jewelry preferences and sends a box that includes samples of designer jewelry based on your choices.

If your client always dresses to impress, he/ she will really appreciate a tie, belt and cufflinks set and will love to add it to their collection. 

For more gift idea inspirations, visit here.

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