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5 Tips to having a stress-free vacation

5 Tips to having a stress-free vacation

Who amongst us have come back from a vacation and thought ‘Oh God, I badly need another vacation from my vacation!’ As relaxing as the idea of going out of town can be, a few unplanned events can ruin your vacation. Here are few vacation tips we have collected over time to make vacations memorable and stress-free.

1. Pack Lightly: We’ve all been guilty of over packing. Too much luggage makes the inescapable struggles of travel—baggage claim, waiting to check into your hotel, fit in the souvenirs from vacation into the luggage —that much more difficult. Keep your clothing options easy and only pack the necessities. Air dry your hair, and leave your blow dryer at home. Don’t pack the heels you know you’ll never wear, and pack your comfortable sandals instead. Pack light, you needn’t carry your entire closet with you!

2. Have a flexible itinerary: A delayed flight, cranky kid, a slight snooze etc. must not throw your whole vacation itinerary off. Set a loose schedule; don’t rush into getting everything on your travel wish list completed. Be fully present and enjoy the moment for what it is. Sometimes, just sitting on the deck, watching the rain fall on the surf, breathing the cool air, feeling the sand on your foot and wind against your hair, watching life pass by; over a cup of coffee could be a rewarding experience in itself.

3. Leave the work behind: Going on a vacation, especially when the economy is slow, could be worrisome. Really, taking a short break won’t cost you your job! You earned these hours off for a reason — without them, you’re bound to burn out. Back at work, your team will get by without you, if you have properly delegated and documented your work.

4. Travel with a group of friends (and not lose your mind): Shared fun is doubled fun! Traveling with friends is a lot of fun, but it can also drive you crazy, since you’ll be together constantly and probably won’t agree on everything all the time. It’s good to make sure beforehand itself that everyone is on the same page when it comes to accommodations and planned activities. Moreover, if you are a close-knit group, another perk is you could share responsibilities.

After all, taking a break and hopscotching the world is all about taking a diversion from life’s monotony, letting yourself loose, savouring everything this gorgeous planet has to offer and start life afresh.

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